Will Michael B. Jordan Be Making Black Superman?

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According to reports, Michael B. Jordan is working with HBO Max on a series centered on black Superman.

According to reports, Michael B. Jordan and his company, the Outlier Society, are working on a Black Superman-themed project for HBO Max. It was not initially clear whether the project would be a feature film or a limited series; Now, according to sources, it has been determined that the script of this project is being written in the form of a limited series. Accordingly, Michael B. Jordan will be producing the series and may also star in it; Of course, this actor has not reacted to this news so far. The project is currently being built without an imaginary name, centered on the character of Wal-Zud (Superman Earth-Two), a black character.

Michael B. Jordan made the leading remarks a few months ago, which are not unrelated to the current news: ” It is essential for people to see themselves in roles that are not normal to them. What it does to the next generation is important, with a child or someone who thinks this is something they can not achieve – now they are thinking about it and dreaming about it. ยป 

The character of Wal-Zod is Superman from Earth-two, he is considered one of the last Kryptonians in this place and is considered to be the heir of Superman. The character’s parents were executed by order of the Krypton court and thus he was orphaned. Val-Zud is found by Terry Cellon after this incident, and Terry offers Val to protect him from the dangers of the outside world. 

In related news, Jay. Abrams is also working on a film centered on black Superman. The film, whose main character is said to be Kell-El or Clark Kent, is known as the white Superman and has always been portrayed in movies and comics in the same way. The actor of this character in the movie Jay. Abrams, however, is supposed to be a black actor. The film is likely to be directed by a black man, Jay. Abrams will only produce the film. The screenplay will be written by writer and cultural critic Ta-Nisi Coates. 

In the rumors, the name of Michael B. Jordan as the black Superman in the movie Jay. Abrams is seen, Jordan but at the same time denied it, saying that his only role in the film will be to watch it. 

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