Why Final Fantasy 16 Is Not Available At The Tokyo Game Show?

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However, the development process is still going well. Naoki Yoshida recently appeared on a detailed stream focusing on Final Fantasy 14 and talked about the much-anticipated Final Fantasy 16 game. Although this summary was playing the whole thing, unfortunately, in the event the Tokyo Game Show which will be held in September or October where they will not be there .

However, it seems that the general process of game development is going very fast and in addition to writing all the scripts, the English voice recording of the characters is almost over. The main reason why Final Fantasy 16 was not present at the Tokyo Game Show was probably the developers’ idealism and not showing it before it was ready for release.

Yoshida points out that in the next Final Fantasy 16 update, developers will focus on the combat system and things we haven’t heard any details about yet. However, it is clear that there is still a long way to go before this new update.

A few months ago, a report was published saying that Square Enix deliberately does not make much news about the 16th version of Final Fantasy. According to the developers, the lack of information and updates in the 16th version is one of the main plans of the developers to avoid special hype and expectation:

We do not want to talk about something that is half and half and create an unreasonable expectation. However, you may be a fan of a particular version of Final Fantasy and get excited about certain elements depending on it.

Final Fantasy 16 is currently exclusively available for the PlayStation 5 and does not have a specific release date.

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