What Are New Bugs In Fluffy Version Of Resident Evil Village?

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Resident Evil Village game was cracked by Empress‌ group yesterday, and considering the experience of the players in this short period of time, it seems that many of the problems of the PC version are due to the digital lock and have been fixed .

The eighth version of Resident Evil is a very good game and has been welcomed by many audiences and critics. However, the PC version suffers from some annoying problems and Capcom has not been able to fix them all to date.

After removing the DRM lock from this game, many fans started downloading and experiencing the cracked version. According to initial reports, this fluffy version solves practically all the problems of the PC version that have been bothering players since its release in May.

Empress announced after cracking Resident Evil Village that Capcom uses its own DRM technology in addition to the famous and hated Denovo lock. And now that the game has been unlocked, we know that most of the PC version problems are due to it. The EMPRESS group explained:

All in-game problems are fixed, such as when you kill a zombie, because Capcom’s DRM entry points are gone. As a result, almost all of their functions no longer work. The result is a much smoother gaming experience.

After testing the fluffy version of the game, the Dark Side Of Gaming site confirmed that the EMPRESS group’s claim was true, and that the Resident Evil Village experience without digital locks was really better.

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