Sam Raimi Reaction About Doing A Batman Movie

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Sam Raimi is interested in Batman beyond Marvel Multiverse. Sam Raimi Reaction About Doing A Batman Movie.

Sam Raimi Reaction About Doing A Batman Movie

Sam Raimi, the main director of Spider-Man trilogy and the upcoming film The Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, would love to work on a Batman movie.

Although Sam Raimi has not yet directed a film based on DC comic books and will officially enter Marvel’s cinematic world in May of next year with the second part of Dr. Strange, he said that Batman is one of his favorite superheroes.

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He said in an interview with Empire :

I have always loved Batman. If I ever see a bat in the sky, I run to it.

Remy has already fulfilled his other superhero dreams and points out that Spider-Man and Dr. Strange are among his other favorite characters.┬áThat’s why Remy alluded to Strange in Spider-Man 2 years before Marvel’s cinematic world took over the world.

Of course, it will definitely take a long time for Dysi to look for a new director for The Hedgehog Warrior, as Matthew Reeves’ The Batman has been hugely successful at the box office so far. It is almost certain that a sequel will be made for it, in addition to the fact that the spin-off series of the evil penguin character and Arkham Asylum are on the way. However, the construction of the spin-off, which focused on the Gotham Police Department, was suspended .

Reeves had previously mentioned in an interview that he would make a sequel with Mr. Freeze and said that he would like to introduce this crazy character into a dark and earthy story. Batman actor Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, would love to see the Court of Owls in the second part .

Source: IGN

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